Chicago Cubs: Three realistic targets for the last offseason piece

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Gerardo Parra – OF

The Cubs undoubtedly have a crowded outfield, but more depth is something that could be huge, as we’ve seen so many of the team’s outfielders go cold in a hurry in recent years. Gerardo Parra could be the perfect addition to this team. At 32, Parra has spent 10 years in the league, and he can hit.

In his 10 seasons, he’s batted .278 with an OPS of .730. Guys that can hit for average is something the Cubs could use more of. Pair him with Kyle Schwarber out in left, and you could form a deadly duo. He hasn’t been quite the offensive presence he was earlier in his career, but when you consider the depth the Cubs already have – that’s not as big of a detractor.

He’s also a two-time Gold Glove Award winner in the outfield and took home the Wilson Defensive Player of the Year honors back in 2013. So he can hit and gives you above-average defense when he’s out in left field. That’s a lot to like.

Schwarber can give you 30 bombs, but Parra’s a guy that can come in and get a base knock when you need him to. Not only would this be a superb complement to our rising star in left, but a great addition to this team. Parra’s someone the Cubs could add late with a one-year deal, and reap the benefits of his services.