Chicago Cubs: Four players that need to rebound in 2019

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Chicago Cubs: It’s a team sport

These aren’t going to the only Cubs that need to ‘do better’ for the team to have success in a drastically better division. The Cubs and Pirates pretty much stood pat, while the rest of the division made moves to improve. None of those moves guarantee success. But it surely has Cubs’ fans looking over their shoulder.

Maddon has a new staff and has talked about handling his players differently than he has in the past. That in itself can be dangerous. The Cubs have been very successful since 2015. Could it be possible for Maddon to ruffle too many feathers? The way this offseason went, it’s hard to tell if the front office is just doing their best to win, or setting up Maddon to be a scapegoat.

Weber could be a darkhorse in the system. dark. Next

That’s another day and another story. To this point, Maddon has given no reason he shouldn’t have the opportunity to stay in Chicago. He’s earned more time, in my opinion. But who am I to talk about the inner workings of baseball? I just write about them.