Chicago Cubs: Four players that need to rebound in 2019

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Chicago Cubs: Ian Happ

If you aren’t a fan of Ian Happ, you can just skip to the next slide. If you’re of the ‘trade him, he strikes out too much’ mindset, just move on. Happ does indeed have much to learn at the plate. Consistency, being the main one. At times, you watch Happ and he feels like he’s Ty Cobb. Knows what’s a strike, won’t swing at what isn’t. Two at-bat’s later? Three swings at pitches out of the zone and he’s on his way back to the dugout. He’s either one or the other. He needs to find balance in the two.

In the field, Happ doesn’t seem to have a ‘home’ position. Second base was considered that, but he rarely sees time there. Happ is adequate in all three outfield spots, least impressive at third base. But he’s got decent range, he’s fast–believe it or not–and has a good arm. He typically makes the right throws at the right times.

And being a switch hitter might be the most important facet about him. If he can find balance in his aggressiveness at the plate, he allows Maddon a perfect weapon late in games. This is where he and Kyle Schwarber can play off of each other well. Schwarber has become a solid outfielder. But Happ can offer more range in defensive situations. The key for Happ? More ball four and less strike three’s.