Chicago Cubs: Andy Weber is a dark horse in the organization

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Chicago Cubs of the future

Currently, the Cubs sit in a great place in terms of their young core and the developmental players in their system. While the system is not nearly as strong as it once was, as most of those guys are in Cubs uniforms, it still houses some impressive talent looking to make their impact.

Weber is a few years away still. It gives him that much more time to continue progressing and growing as a player. It is also nice to know the team does have a system piece who they can mold into their star in Weber.

Speaking primarily by the future, it is interesting to see where Weber would slot in once his arrival occurs. The Cubs have seven-five percent of their infield figured out with Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, and Javier Baez. While questions remain at the shortstop position, Weber could find the future pie with his presence and close out the shield of the Wrigley infield.

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Final thoughts

Andy Weber is an interesting prospect. Having been selected in the fifth round, Weber could be someone to fall by the wayside, as an afterthought. As previously touched on, Weber does not currently land in the clubs top 30 prospect list, however flying under the radar is fun too.

Each year there are hidden gems in the amateur player draft. Look at Mike Trout, for example. Twenty-three teams (including the Los Angeles Angels) initially passed on him. Weber is not Trout and is not being compared to Trout. Merely, talent is moved over all the time. For the Cubs, let’s hope they found their diamond in the rough.