Chicago Cubs: Breaking down PECOTA, A rough offseason

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We break down the new PECOTA projections for the Chicago Cubs, trying to make sense of it all. And this season was an offseason filled with less than stellar news.

Each year, stat junkies start to get excited when Baseball Prospectus releases it’s PECOTA projections for the coming season. These are always filled with intrigue, from team records to an individuals numbers. You can get excited about what you see. Or you can be angry about the predictions for a player. In the end, most won’t be all that close. But we took a look at some of the key players for the Chicago Cubs to see what the PECOTA crystal ball sees in their future.

When this winter started, many Cubs fans were positive that Bryce Harper and Manny Machado might come to Chicago. With the new TV network upcoming? Pffft. Done deal. Then we learned the Cubs weren’t willing to spend that much. Possibly due to buying out the remaining shares of the Tribune Co. Then the Addison Russell ongoing story. The Joe Ricketts emails. The political battles going on against the city. Plenty of news, but none that we really wanted.

Looking at the Cubs roster, there aren’t likely to be too many surprises, especially with positional players. The Russell suspension could make for a little drama to open the season as they’ll need another infield guy. But for the most part, any ‘shock’ additions to the roster would be from the bullpen. Even if none of these guys break camp with the Cubs, you’re likely to see them at some point in the 2019 season.

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