Chicago Cubs Hamels is more than a pitcher; Changes to the CBA

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 The Chicago Cubs’ Cole Hamels helped get the team to the playoffs last season. But the chances he repeats his time in Chicago is slim. But he brings a lot more to the table than just his arm.

The Chicago Cubs had to have Cole Hamels last season to get as far as they did. It wasn’t going to happen without him. And after exercising a pricey $20 million option for Hamels, the Cubs know they are unlikely to get the same performance from him. So why keep him? Leadership. A winning mindset. After being away from a winner for several years, Hamels is hungry to win again, and that’s a good thing with his potential.

There isn’t as much to get excited about in the Cubs farm system as their once was. But it doesn’t mean it’s void of talent. One name that stood out last season is Jared Young. After coming into the Cubs system, Young didn’t really stand out in his first year. It wasn’t until last season that the power started to show while he was in South Bend. It all culminated with being honored as the Cubs’ Minor League Player of the Year. Keep the name Young in mind. He has the potential to move through the system quickly.

The collective bargaining agreement in Major League Baseball is one of the biggest rifts between owners and players. It’s how the players make sure that they are taken care of, and not taken advantage of (which still seems to happen). From free agency to draft pick compensation to qualifying offers and more–the CBA is likely to change on its next go round.

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