Chicago Cubs: All about the offense, understanding launch angle

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The Chicago Cubs have been focused on adding pitching this winter. But make no mistake. It’s the offense that will be the focus this season. After faltering in the second half, the Cubs will have to find a way to improve production in tight ball games.

There are still some Chicago Cubs’ fans out there that think Bryce Harper is the ONLY answer to their offensive woes. But Harper isn’t going to fix the problem alone. If things go like they did last year, he’ll just end up mired in the middle of it. No. The Cubs need to do a lot of work from within, to fix the issues with runners in scoring position they had. Or the inability to move runners over. And much of this team was part of that 2016 season. It’s not that they can’t do it. They were one of the best at it that season.

Some of that we can link back to the confusing concept of launch angle. Some think it’s just about swinging up and creating fly balls. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. In John Mallee, the Cubs had an instructor that believed in launch angle and promoted it. Then the Cubs parted ways and turned to Chili Davis–more of a situational type coach–but that appeared not to work. So in comes Anthony Iapoce, possibly to reinstitute launch angle in the Cubs program?

The “looking inward” practice to fix what was wrong with last year’s team isn’t only on offense. After a superb 2017 that saw Brian Duensing impress out of the pen, the Cubs signed him to a two-year deal. The first year of that new contract was a stark contrast to that 2017 season. After seeing his ERA balloon almost five points, Duensing fixing whatever his issues were will be a crucial factor for the Cubs.

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