Cubs Rumors: Giants interested in Heyward, Harper still a possibility?

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Chicago Cubs: These really aren’t the things we want to be talking about

Sadly, these type of rumors pieces are all we have right now, as everyone seems to be either, A) tight-lipped about anything. Or B) claims said players are signing EVERYWHERE at one time. We don’t have sources here. We read. We digest. We dissect. And we generally end up wrong like 95% of the population.

Every once in a while, we hit on one of these rumors. But it’s often times by chance. But if you’ve ever believed that the “sources” from the big guys do it any differently? You’d be surprised. Inside info is always there. I have it on good account that I had a salad for lunch. Twitter has shown I may have had a burger and fries. Ok, not a great analogy, but you get the idea. Nobody really knows what will happen.

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This is the season for it, and we’re not ashamed to take a shot and say, “Hey, we think Harper isn’t coming here, even if his dog is named Wrigley”.” If we’re wrong, are you really going to be unhappy about that? But we’re ready to be out of the ‘rumors’ phase and back into actual baseball being played. I think we’re all ready for that day.