Chicago Cubs: Last minute FA projections; 2015 season

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There are still several solid free agent candidates left on the market but are the Chicago Cubs in on any of them? And we take a look back at the 2015 season and the start of something special.

Another offseason is nearing its end, and there are still several important players still looking for work. Are the Chicago Cubs in on any of them? The hope is that they still are, but the spending habits this winter have led many of us to think differently. But where each one of these free agents ends up could swing a division in favor of the team that signs them.

2016 is always going to be the year we remember. But 2015 was the start of something special for the Cubs. While some of the faces have changed, that team started an era of winning in Chicago that hadn’t been seen in quite a long time. Several Cubs got their start that season, and continue to contribute to what will hopefully be another winning season in Chicago.

The Cubs farm system is a far cry from what it was five or six years ago. But while it no longer sits at the top of the MLB Pipeline, there are still several players to keep an eye on as they make their way through the system.  Duncan Robinson and Dakota Mekkes are two of those names to watch. The two pitchers were picked just one round apart, and the Cubs hope they can help build better “homegrown” pitching than what they’ve produced in the past.

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