Chicago Cubs: Ricketts own it all; OF core can grow

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The Chicago Cubs have had at least some ties to the Tribune Company for many years. But with the Ricketts buying the remaining shares of the team? It’s all theirs, now.

It was the end of an era when the Tribune Company sold its remaining five percent shares of the Chicago Cubs. Now, it all belongs to the Ricketts family. It is possible that this has been part of what slowed the offseason spending. Or the Cubs could just be trying to avoid large contracts–as many teams are doing. Either way, the Cubs will now be run exactly the way the Ricketts family wants it, which has pretty much been the case, even without that five percent.

Over the past few seasons, the Cubs outfield hasn’t been short on numbers. Even with injuries, the Cubs were able to weather the storm. With so many options–and young ones, at that–the team is hoping to see growth from the outfield position. The perception of the Cubs outfield varies depending on the fan you’re talking to. Some see potential, while others see nothing but hazards (these are the pro-Harper fans). But while you might not believe it, many of these guys aside from Jason Heyward are yet to see full-time action, which can leave an opening to more development and production.

The Cubs continue to stress that their priority this offseason is in the bullpen. One spot that could be perceived as “light” is in lefties. Justin Wilson has signed with the New York Mets, and Mike Montgomery still seems to be eager to remain a long reliever/swingman for the Cubs at least. So that will leave a spot for a lefty specialist open that the team would love to fill.

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