Cubs News: A healthy Darvish, Sosa’s HOF stock falls

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 Some Chicago Cubs fans have been pressing for Sammy Sosa to be “let back in” to the organization. The Cubs have been very clear what that will take, but the Hall of Fame chances seem to be dwindling. And what would a healthy Yu Darvish mean to the Cubs?

It’s hard not to call the first year of Chicago Cubs starter Yu Darvish a “bust”.” But that’s not the whole story. It wasn’t just poor performance, but an injury that led to poor numbers and finishing up on the disabled list after just eight starts. So far this spring, Darvish looks healthy and ready to go. How much of a difference can he make in the Cubs rotation? Quite a bit.

The PED era of baseball has been a hot topic for many years. Some players have been caught, others continue to deny their use of anything illegal. But while players like Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens have seen a small increase in their vote totals–Sosa continues to drop. It’s a far stretch from one of the most adored players in Cubs history to outcast he’s become.

In one instance, it seems preposterous. But yet, in another, it makes complete sense. Ben Zobrist has more than fulfilled his end of the deal of his contract, but the veteran admits he could be on the trade block due to his remaining deal. While he’s been a solid veteran presence–and a very reliable hitter–he knows he could be moved to free up salary if the Cubs decide they need to make a trade. For one, I say keep Zobrist, let him finish out his contract with the Cubs. Loyalty is rare anymore in baseball, but this would be a good chance to show it.

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