Chicago Cubs: CubsCon 2019, Paying players to play elsewhere

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 The Chicago Cubs Convention of 2019 didn’t offer up a surprise signing (sorry Harper and Machado fans) but was still a great time for all fans in attendance. And how fiscally responsible is it by the Cubs to unload “bad” contracts, but pay the players to play for other teams?

The 2018 season for the Chicago Cubs ended in frustration. But that’s why CubsCon exists. Well, that might be stretching it. But it a chance to be “out with the old, in with the new” and be excited about the coming year of Cubs baseball. While Bryce Harper, Manny Machado and in general a lack of signings were on many people’s minds–optimism filled the air at this year’s convention. Our Jacob Misener was there to take in the festivities, and bring us back a glimpse into what transpired over the weekend.

No team is immune from bad contracts. And most of the time, the only way to get rid of them is to exchange a bad contract for..another bad contract. The Cubs, nor any other team, can say this hasn’t happened to them. But it seems the question comes up for the Cubs quite often. As of recently, Jason Heyward‘s deal has been at the top of the conversation. But he isn’t the first. The names vary, but many of them were paid by the Cubs after being sent out of town. Why? Because the team generally has to eat part of that player’s contract. It’s never a great situation to be in, but in baseball, it isn’t uncommon.

After an injury-riddled 2018, Kris Bryant hopes for a return to form for the former Rookie of the Year and MVP winner. For Bryant, it’s not just about the hitting or the numbers, but the leadership he needs to take on as one of the seasoned “veterans.” Last year was the first time that things didn’t seem to go his way. He faced adversity–likely not the first time in his life–but the first time in Chicago. So now he hopes to be able to return with the right state of mind to help the rest of the team move past a disappointing finish to the 2018 season.

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