Chicago Cubs: Optimism reigns supreme at this year’s Cubs Convention

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Ricketts walks the walk – surrounded by fans

The fact that he’s always been so open and transparent likely made the decision to cancel this weekend’s panel seem like such a dramatic departure from the norm. But on the ground and in the hallways of the Sheraton this weekend, Ricketts was doing anything but hiding from fans.

Even as things wound down and vendors packed up their stands late Sunday morning, Ricketts was signing autographs and talking with fans as a line dozens of people deep stretched across the basement of the vendor hall.

Not once did I see him shrug off a fan’s comments or thoughts – so, despite how we all felt – myself included, heading into the weekend, I have to give Ricketts credit where it’s due. He faced the music – and came out looking better for it. That’s not to say I think canceling the panel was a smart move, but he recovered nicely – at least in the eyes of a lot of folks in attendance.

Those fans, though, like pretty much everyone I interacted with over the weekend, seemed overwhelmingly positive. During Friday’s opening ceremony, hosted by the voice of the Cubs, Pat Hughes, no one really got put on blast – although the intro music for the likes of Yu Darvish and a couple other guys seemed to be a bit louder than that of his teammates – perhaps in anticipation of some sort of public shaming?

But, alas. No such events transpired.