Chicago Cubs: Bryant a loser? And our expert makes his return

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 Whether it be intentional or not, the Chicago Cubs’ Kris Bryant got the rivalry between them and the Cardinals off to an early start. And our expert returns after being out for seven months while being treated for brain cancer.

It seemed as if it was supposed to be in good fun. While on the Ryan Dempster show at the Chicago Cubs convention, Kris Bryant made some comments that didn’t sit well with Cardinals’ fans–or Yadier Molina. Bryant called the city of St. Louis “boring,” and Molina, as well as several other Cardinals, fired back. Bryant didn’t take any shots at players or the fans. He simply said the city was boring. Molina then attacked Bryant on social media for saying disparaging things about St. Louis. Molina, go ahead and say that REAL slow until it sinks in. You’ll get it.

Last June, some of you may know that I was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer, a Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM). I’ve been away from the site since then getting standard treatment, and have finally been able to return to the site after seven months. Aside from writing these Morning Marquee’s, this was my first piece since the return.

It’s a little bit Cubs, a lot of my journey, which culminated in the birth of our first child–Adeline Noelle–on December 15th. I hope all of you would take the time to read it and realize how precious life is. I’m 39. 38 when I was diagnosed. This is rare in a person my age, especially a Grade 4. Make everyday count.

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