Chicago Cubs: Manny Machado could reinvigorate the Crosstown Classic

Ian Happ (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
Ian Happ (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Cubs
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If the Chicago White Sox manage to add Manny Machado this offseason, the Crosstown Classic and the rivalry with the Chicago Cubs would mean more.

Gone are the days of the true Crosstown Classic. A series that used to bring so much energy, excitement and the best (and worst) out of the Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox and their respective fan bases.

We’re talking about a series that had its own McDonald’s Cup promotion featuring the likes of Greg Maddux, Corey Patterson and Sammy Sosa on one side, and Frank Thomas, Magglio Ordonez and Paul Konerko on the other to hype up the city.

This is the showdown that brought us the infamous A.J. Pierzynski-Michael Barrett brawl that has since made its way onto more than a few t-shirts. Sure, a trophy was implemented back in 2010, but it feels like players and fans don’t care too much about it.

At a time where the Cubs have established themselves as annual winners, a series with the lowly White Sox doesn’t cause too much excitement, but there is hope for the future. As the Sox continue to improve with a young, talented team, adding a special star would bring this series back to what it was.

With news of Manny Machado reportedly having an eight-year offer in-hand from Chicago, the South Siders could not only put themselves in contention but restore the significance of a beloved Chicago tradition in the Crosstown Classic.