Chicago Cubs: Breaking down the best and worst decades since 1900

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Chicago Cubs
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The Chicago Cubs have had some decades of success, decades of failure and decades of mediocrity. How does each one stack up against each other?

One of the oldest franchises in North American sports has seen plenty of different levels of success. Sure the Chicago Cubs had a century-long championship drought, but even some decades were much more successful than others.

While the NL and official franchise records go back to 1876, the modern era began in 1900. So grouping these decades together will include all from 1900-2010s. We will rank them in three categories: best, worst and “meh”. Rankings will be based on numerous factors such as records, end results in postseason, titles/pennants and how the decades ended.

Of course, there will probably some debate over where to rank these, but that is part of the fun! We will start from worst and work our way up to first.