Chicago Cubs: Reminiscing about Kris Bryant’s Top 5 moments

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Chicago Cubs: Kris Bryant, Lyft driver?

This moment is merely fun as it is one of the best and funniest moments in Bryant’s young major league career. During his rookie season, Bryant sped around the streets near Wrigley Field, going undercover as a Lyft driver for the afternoon and the result was hilarious.

Bryant had many interesting interactions, talking to the various individuals he picked up before driving them to their destination. One man asked him if he had seen him before, thinking they had taken a ride together.

Another asked him why he wasn’t in the pros after Bryant revealed he was pretty good at baseball. All in good fun, of course, and people were shocked when he announced his actual status.

The main takeaways from this are that Bryant both knows how to have fun, and the importance of building community. As the next big thing in Chicago, Bryant recognized the importance of getting to know the fans and creating that bond for the future.