Chicago Cubs: Delving into the 2019 MLB Amateur Player Draft

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Chicago Cubs: A solid all-around high school talent

Notice a trend yet? Callihan is the final name on this list who could be available when the Cubs make their first-round selection at pick number 27. Adding to our theme of big left-handed hitters, Callihan is no different. He stands 6’1” and 200 pounds and has every making of a future big league star.

Concerning his production and bat speed, Callihan ranks above-average in all facets. According to Perfect Game, his max acceleration ranks in the 95th-percentile and his max barrel speed ranks in the 88th-percentile. His top exit velocity last season ranked in the 93rd-percentile for his class, coming in at 94 mph.

When it comes to his glove, Callihan displays a smooth ability and transition with a strong arm. Callihan also has an excellent quick release on the ball. His instinctual senses on defense are above-average, and Callihan is relatively as sure-handed as they come.

He is projected to someday turn into a solid middle-of-the-order starting player and could be the next young prospect to join the Chicago Cubs.