Chicago Cubs: Kelly Wallace to sit down with Cubbies Crib podcast

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In the wake of this week’s additional accusations against Chicago Cubs infielder Addison Russell, we’ll be talking with Kelly Wallace of Expanded Roster.

Weeks after the Chicago Cubs tendered Addison Russell a non-guaranteed contract, the beleaguered infielder is back in the news again after his ex-wife, Melisa Reidy, talked with Kelly Wallace of Expanded Roster and another ex-girlfriend levied new accusations against him.

To say Russell’s standing with Cubs fans has suffered is an understatement. Now, with a more detailed account of years of abuse from Reidy and this subsequent accusation from a mother of one of his children, any chance of him or his team focusing on baseball are again gone.

The weekly Cubbies Crib podcast Climbing the Ivy will feature an interview with Wallace, who sat down with Reidy and authored the recent piece that took the web by fire earlier this week.

Reidy opened up about the relationship she went through recently on social media and then did an interview with Wallace. She went into further detail about her experiences and this article was used for her to help give her a voice on the issue of domestic violence.

Reidy is now spending her time to help others who have been abused to find their voice and fight domestic violence. She has her own YouTube vlog and is heavily involved on social media.

Wallace will share her experiences in interviewing Reidy and how it all came together in the weeks that followed Reidy initially speaking out against domestic abuse she reportedly suffered at the hands of the former first-round draft pick.

The Cubs, meanwhile, are reportedly ‘monitoring the situation‘ as it develops. Initially, Theo Epstein and Russell released corresponding statements. Epstein stressed the importance of being part of the solution, while Russell expressed remorse for his actions and a dedication to improving himself.

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Don’t miss tonight’s episode – co-hosts Alex Patt and Adam McGinnis, as well as Cubbies Crib site expert Jake Misener will talk with Wallace and delve into the latest on Russell and other Cubs news.