Chicago Cubs: Reasons to believe the Cubs will land Bryce Harper

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Brewers, Red Sox, Cardinals, Astros, Giants, Braves, Mets, etc.

Of course there are many more teams in Major League Baseball than just the ones listed above, but lets face it. The Marlins and many other teams are not serious contenders for Harper. Several teams such as the Brewers barely have enough money to put together a playoff team without paying one player over $30 million dollars a year.

After just winning the World Series this year, the Red Sox either don’t have room in their outfield for Harper or they are trying to trim their payroll by trading away some of those outfielders. Either way, the Red Sox just aren’t coming up as a team that is trying to get Harper.

The Cardinals already got their big bat in the Paul Goldschmidt trade. Since then they may be motivated to add more to their roster, but the Cardinals seem to be headed in different directions rather than signing Harper.

Other potential landing spots such as the Astros, Giants, Braves, Mets and Angels just don’t have much momentum in the way for signing Harper.

Just as there are times when a player falls in the draft, so that an unexpected team can draft a player that they thought might be off the board by the time that they got to their pick. There is a chance that Harper might, ‘fall’ to the Cubs in free agency.

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I admit that this might be a reach. I’m looking at all of these bits of information through the lens of a Cubs fan who is hoping that Harper will end up on the North Side. And a lot of things could still happen this winter. But if you want to wish the Cubs get Harper for Christmas here are some reasons to believe in that Christmas miracle.