Chicago Cubs: Reasons to believe the Cubs will land Bryce Harper

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Chicago Cubs: New York Yankees definitely don’t need Harper

Before the Yankees traded for Giancarlo Stanton last off season, I think  many pundits thought that the Yankees would make a serious run at Harper this off season. But now the Yankees are going out of their way to say that they aren’t interested in Harper.

Perhaps the Yankees don’t want to commit to one of Harper, Stanton or Aaron Judge being the DH while the other two are the corner outfielders. There has been some talk of Harper playing first base, but again the Yankees are quick to squash that rumor too.

Asked about Bryce Harper, Brian Cashman rattled off the names of his six outfielders and said there’s no spot. Reiterated that playing Harper at first base isn’t an option for the Yankees.

If the Yankees are going to pursue one of the mega free agents this off season, a lot of experts think it is going to be Manny Machado. Machado fills a need in the New York infield and could potentially bring a similar level of star power to the Bronx.