Chicago Cubs: A nostalgic look back into the ghosts of Wrigley’s past

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Chicago Cubs
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Rooting for a franchise as historic as the Chicago Cubs, you’re bound to overlook some of the names to don the uniform. But some are hard to forget.

Every so often it is fun to peruse the Chicago Cubs old rosters of yesteryear, creating a retrospective of players in the process. Many names are forgotten, erased from our memory. Some names however seemingly stick with us throughout history.

The Cubs are currently one of the best teams in baseball and stacked with unbelievable franchise-changing talent. Over the last four seasons, the club has averaged 97 wins, appeared in three NLCS and won a World Series – not too shabby. But, as many fans know all too well, it certainly has not always been this way. In fact, throughout much of the last couple decades, there has been more bad than good.

Nonetheless, through much of the muck emerged some exciting and fun players. The decade of 2000-10 marked a period which saw some great success as well as some significant failure. It also saw a smorgasbord of lineups thrown together in an attempt to develop a continued run of winning. Let the nostalgia take the wheel.