Chicago Cubs: What Joe Maddon wants this holiday season

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Let’s get it done

The last ‘little’ present Santa can bring Joe Maddon in 2019 is another World Series championship. Maddon knows his name will then be ever-cemented in Chicago history.

He will join the ranks with some of Chicago’s greatest coaches like Mike Ditka, former Cubs manager Frank Chance or the Blackhawks’ Tom Gorman. While I certainly put the Blackhawks Joel Quenneville on this list as one of the greatest Chicago Coaches, his sudden departure without fanfare this year has me curious as to how history will view Quenneville.

While I hope history is very gracious to Coach Q, Maddon does not want the same unknown fate. To leave the Cubs on a sour note may just add the tiniest of taint to a historical and stellar managerial run on the North Side. The Cubs skipper needs another title from Santa.

If Joe Maddon can start out 2019 really hot, many of his wishes from Santa will be set in motion; the first being that new contract he undoubtedly hopes will be offered. Will Epstein make Maddon an offer early in the season if things are going Cub or will he make Maddon bring home the World Series championship before putting anything on the table?

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Waiting for the latter could be much more expensive. Epstein might also want to consider the rumor that Santa is a Maddon fan. Last Christmas Eve, Santa was overheard telling reindeer, “Try not to suck”.