Chicago Cubs: What Joe Maddon wants this holiday season

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Maddon’s Christmas wish list begins

It may seem a bit obvious, but I’m sure Maddon would love a new contract. This clearly tops the two-time Manager of the Year’s wish list. After the upcoming season, Maddon is, as he described it, a ‘free agent’. But deep down, I think he digs the Windy City.

Chicago is not crazy like New York or wild like Los Angeles but just cool enough for Maddon. (Okay, maybe the baseball fans can be just a little crazy, but that’s not a bad thing … right?) The only other place Maddon could probably see himself living out the next 10 years – is in Florida.

Maddon has soulful yearning to play the Jimmy Buffett lifestyle, and a lot of that has to do with age more than anything else. For now and maybe for the next three to five years Chicago has what Maddon needs.

The question is: can he deliver the goods to keep his job? Santa can make all that anxiety go away with a little contract under the tree.