Chicago Cubs: What Joe Maddon wants this holiday season

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Chicago Cubs
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It’s been an eventful offseason for Chicago Cubs skipper Joe Maddon. Might the holiday season allow him to relax a little and enjoy this time of year?

The holiday season is unbeatable if you ask me. That is unless the Chicago Cubs are in the World Series – that’s a whole different ballgame. It’s funny when you look back at all the things you’ve ever gotten for Christmas.

When you were young, it was toys, hands-down. My brother and sisters used to devour the toy section of the Sears catalog when it arrived ahead of the holidays As you get older, you hope for cash under the tree; looking for that envelope full of green from your boss, grandparents or whoever.

Cubs manager Joe Maddon is older than the rest of us but he still finds himself wanting that same financial gift this year. The question is: will Maddon be able to deliver what Cubs ownership and management will want in exchange for a pocket full of greenbacks?

You know what we’re talking about: another trip to the Fall Classic.