Chicago Cubs: What the Cubs outfield wants this holiday season

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Chicago Cubs: Gotta go big or go home

You can’t get the big gifts if you don’t ask for them, right? So let’s dive right in. The Chicago outfield is asking for Bryce Harper. I’m not sure if the Cubs’ Wild Card game loss will get them on the big guy’s ‘nice’ list – but it’s worth a shot.

Harper comes packaged with his own dog named Wrigley and a lifelong desire to reunite with childhood friend and fellow former NL MVP Kris Bryant. If Santa ends up bringing Harper to the Cubs outfield, we may just see the rest of the outfield bunch reaching down deep to play and hit with everything they’ve got to put up their best numbers this upcoming season. Because, if we’re being honest, if they don’t, they’ll likely be headed out of town in a hurry.

The main issue with Harper is the inherent cost and possibility that the rest of the team might not get as valuable a gift (yes, I’m looking at you, Lester Strode. Still, there is no better present on the list for the outfield this Christmas than the slugging outfielder.