Chicago Cubs: 1984 – A retrospective of a classic year

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Chicago Cubs
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After what seemed like decades of misfortune and woe, everything changed for the Chicago Cubs in 1984, when they found success in an unlikely place.

The history of the Chicago Cubs certainly has some bright spots, many of them coming in the past few years. The team’s history is long and arduous, forcing us to break down parts of years or even decades to understand what went right or wrong.

For the Chicago Cubs, the 1984 season was a sort of reprieve from the previous 12 seasons of below-average baseball. The team was coming off a string of seasons finishing right at or below .500. The season before, they finished a balmy 73-89. So what exactly was the catalyst for all of a sudden posting a 91-win season and an eventual NLCS bid?

The club seemed destined to turn their luck around when then-GM Dallas Green, began making a flurry of moves in the offseason. Trades swirled around, bringing fresh faces to the Windy City. Everything was suddenly clicking on all cylinders and the Cubs, for one spectacular year, were back.