Chicago Cubs: One more big trade in the FanSided Mock Winter Meetings

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Chicago Cubs
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On the final day of the annual FanSided Mock Winter Meetings simulation, our Chicago Cubs traded yet another young outfielder in hopes of winning it all.

No one can say how it would play out, but we have another trade from this week’s FanSided Mock Winter Meetings simulation for your perusal. And, for the last time, a friendly reminder – this is not a real Chicago Cubs trade, but rather a fake on orchestrated by Cubbies Crib as part of an exercise.

This time, we parted ways with one of the most divisive players on the Chicago Cubs roster. Half the fan base seems sold on his multi-positional versatility abilities and switch-hitting nature. Others believe that he’s too strikeout-prone and lacks a clear spot on the team long-term. We fell somewhere in the middle but wound up trading him after fielding offers on him all week.

In the end, we traded with another National League team, this time the Washington Nationals. That alone makes this trade dangerous – because if Ian Happ would, indeed, pan out, we could be stuck dealing with him for a very long time.