Chicago Cubs: Pivoting to free agency in the Mock Winter Meetings

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Chicago Cubs: Taking some of the load off Willson

Let’s be clear here. We’re well aware Jonathan Lucroy isn’t the guy he once was. Don’t expect him to finish Top 5 in MVP voting as he did back in 2014, when he smacked a league-leading 53 doubles and hit .301 for the Brewers.

But that’s not to say he can’t serve a purpose for the Cubs.

Last year, we saw what an overloaded work balance could mean for Willson Contreras. He fell flat on his face offensively, taking a huge step backward from 2017. Simply put, we need someone who can eat innings and give him a blow regularly.

Lucroy hit just .241 last year, but that’s not what we’re bringing him in for. He’s trended downward in both defense and offense, but with the opportunity to work in a division he spent a long time in and with a veteran staff, we think he could bounce back as the team’s backup.

He’s played a little bit of first base in the past and could, in theory, help give Anthony Rizzo a day off from time-to-time, as well. For one year and just $5 million, this is a deal we were all too willing to make.