Chicago Cubs: Kyle Schwarber is poised to make 2019 his best season yet

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: A valiant recovery

Following an exciting title-winning season, Schwarber regained his health and maintained it through a whole season. He appeared in 129 games, hit 30 home runs, and finished with a .333 wOBA, 103 wRC+ and 1.6 WAR.

The overall line for Schwarber was less than stellar, as he finished at just .211/.315/.467, however, that was the least of the concerns for Schwarber as well as the Cubs. The health was the major stepping stone to recovery, and recover valiantly Schwarber did, as he also started 101 games in left field and posted a more than respectable 8.8 UZR/150.

The ups, however, did not come without the downs, as Schwarber did struggle to find consistency at points throughout the season. He struck out a career-high 30.9 percent of the time, also seeing a demotion to Triple-A for eleven games in an attempt to get his swing corrected.

Schwarber’s first season back after the major knee injury can still be debated to be more positive than negative, as it can be difficult for players to return to any level of semblance following an event of that magnitude.