Chicago Cubs: Oddsmaker makes way-too-early World Series predictions

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Still, the second-best odds in the National League

The Cubs are listed as having the fifth-best odds of winning the World Series and, really, that’s not bad. However, in my biased opinion, I really think they will do much better; with a high expectation of going back to the Series.

When you look at the Cubs starters like Jon Lester, Kyle Hendricks, Jose Quintana, Yu Darvish and (probably) Cole Hamels all coming back healthy in 2019, I think experience will be on the Cubs’ side; making them the team to beat. With some offensive-minded trading, Theo Epstein could lock in a few new bats that give the team a reloaded offense.

At least the oddmakers got something right on the list, as the Chicago White Sox sit sixth from the bottom on the World Series list.

If I was asked to forecast what might happen in next year’s World Series, I think other than my Top 5, many of my choices would be in the ballpark of the bookie. These are my Top 11 choices to win the World Series next year.

  1. Chicago Cubs  
  2.  New York Yankees  
  3. Boston Red Sox 
  4. Milwaukee Brewers 
  5. Cleveland Indians 
  6. Los Angeles Dodgers 
  7. Houston Astros 
  8. Oakland Athletics 
  9. Philadelphia Phillies 
  10. Washington Nationals 
  11. Arizona Diamondbacks 

So many things can affect a season, like injuries (Yu Darvish), trades (Daniel Murphy) and contracts (Kris Bryant) that no one can be certain which team will take the World Series in 2019. Who do you think will win it all?