Chicago Cubs: Oddsmaker makes way-too-early World Series predictions

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The Chicago Cubs didn’t play in this year’s World Series, but oddsmakers are already looking at who has the best odds to win it all come 2019.

Major League Baseball free agency kicks off this week. This week symbolizes the end for those who still can’t come to terms with the Chicago Cubs losing in the NL Wild Card game or the Boston Red Sox winning their fourth World Series since 2004.

This is the last nail in the coffin sealing 2018 in the history books (as if the others did not signal the season’s end).  If you’re still harping on how this season played out, seek therapy– it’s over…get over it. This is nothing. Being a Cubs fan means enduring years upon years of ‘almost’.  This week not only signals the very end of every part of last season but the beginning of “next year” another familiar phrase to long-time Cubs fans.

In that vein, one bookmaker decided to release early odds on who is going to win the 2019 World Series. The Cubs are predicted to do about the same as this year, with 12-to-1 odds – the fifth-best chance to win it all.


I would think the Cubs’ pitching and potential trades and signings to add offensive power would put them as one of the top three contenders for next year’s championship. We’ll talk more about the boys in blue later, but who did the bookie like more than your favorite North Siders?