Chicago Cubs: Cheap middle infield depth targets the Cubs could pursue

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Chicago Cubs
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Most of the attention this offseason will focus on the Chicago Cubs and big-name moves. But don’t overlook the smaller, depth-boosting signings.

Contrary to popular belief, the Chicago Cubs upcoming offseason and free agent pursuits will expand beyond the likes of Bryce Harper or Manny Machado.  There will be a number of smaller moves made, the same as in years past. Depth is something a team can never have enough of, especially when there could be some shifting done intended to ready things for bigger moves.

Middle infield depth being added is certainly not out of the question and may be necessary if Addison Russell is gone and/or guys like Ian Happ are traded. Obviously, Machado is the biggest infielder on the market, but if they do not go after him, the Cubs can still look at cheap options to play behind Javier Baez, Ben Zobrist and Happ.

Cheap depth options in this area would not be the most exciting or eye-popping moves, but still have meaning. We would be looking at guys who would potentially sign one to two-year deals at under $10 million. Biggest strengths would be their gloves and not necessarily their bats, kind of like backup catcher moves. They could come in late for defense and start a decent amount of games, despite not topping out the depth chart. These are some free agent options to possibly look at.