Chicago Cubs: A look back at the team Theo Epstein took over

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: A dramatic facelift for the aging Friendly Confines

Technically, the 1060 Project, a complete overhaul of Wrigley Field and the surrounding area, has nothing to do with Epstein himself. But it is still worth talking about, if for no other reason than to give some perspective of the scope of change since then.

Wrigley Field was and always will be a haven for Cubs fans everywhere. Let’s face it though, the place was falling apart. The plan was to get the renovations started right away, but the city was not cooperating as Ricketts hoped.

Safety nets to catch falling concrete, no video boards, old seats, lack of modern amenities in and around the park. It still had the beautiful ivy, scoreboard and marquee, of course, but let’s be real – that place needed more than a spit shine.  Luckily, that has slowly changed over the years to give us needed updates while keeping the same charm we know and love.