Chicago Cubs: Is Clayton Kershaw poised to jump ship?

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Chicago Cubs: Moving forward

The Los Angeles Dodgers are hands down one of the best teams in the National League, and even all of Major League Baseball. The team is playing in their second consecutive World Series and have made three successive League Championship Series appearances. The production of Kershaw is one of the biggest factors in their recent success.

If he decides to opt out, the race for his services will be wild. As the Dodgers are once again on the precipice of a ring, the decision for Kershaw seems to be based around that outcome.

Many believe that if the Dodgers can win it all, Kershaw will leave. I don’t believe that to be the case. Los Angeles, outside of rookie sensation Walker Buehler, carries an aging, injury-prone rotation.

Because of the number of starting pitchers available this offseason, the Dodgers would have no trouble finding a replacement for Kershaw. However, delving into the mind of Kershaw for a second, it’s hard to imagine him leaving this kind of money on the table. Jumping ship doesn’t seem logical, in the slightest.

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Moving forward, both for himself and the Dodgers, Clayton Kershaw needs to get back to his 2015 production, where is a healthy, bona-fide ace. The torch seems on the verge of being passed to Buehler, but if you’re in Los Angeles, you hope he has to wait a couple more years.

The gut reaction says that come the start of Spring Training, Clayton Kershaw is still a Dodger. However, for Cubs fans, let us hope that is not the case.