Chicago Cubs: Is Clayton Kershaw poised to jump ship?

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Chicago Cubs: Decisions, decisions, decisions

After the conclusion of the postseason, Clayton Kershaw has a decision to make. It is one that could change the scope of Major League Baseball. It is widely expected that Kershaw will not become a free agent until the 2021 season. In such an instance, the Dodgers will owe him $32 and $33 million over the next two seasons, respectively.

The market value for Kershaw spells out an average of $34 million across the entire contract. Comparable starting pitchers in this realm include the Cubs’ own Jon Lester, as well as Zack Greinke, Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg.

Of this group, Scherzer was the only pitcher who finished in the top ten in overall production. However, Kershaw still managed to finish with a very respectable 3.5 WAR this season and. outside of Strasburg, is on the younger side of the group of aces. Clayton Kershaw has an important decision to make. However, it is one that should be pretty easy in the end.