Chicago Cubs: Are there better value options than Manny Machado?

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Chicago Cubs: Could the platoon hold?

The switch-hitting Ben Zobrist could garner time at second and had a great bounce-back year in 2018.  He slashed .305/.378/.440 this year, posting a 3.3 WAR over 139 games.

Zobrist played 63 of those games at second base, totaling 395 2/3 innings, without committing a single error and earning a 7.7 UZR-150.  The downside is his -5.8 DPR (double play runs above average), and while he’s solid on the balls he fields, his range runs above average (-0.1) indicates he gets to slightly fewer ground balls than the average second baseman.  Plus, he’ll be turning 38 in 2019.

The remainder of the platoon is far less solid:

Happ played only three innings at second in 2018, but his 2017 numbers: 260 innings, earning a .983 fielding percentage, which was above league average, but posting a meager -2.2 UZR-150.

Bote 50 2/3 innings, .963 fielding percentage, -10.7 UZR-150

La Stella 76 2/3 innings, .969 fielding percentage, and a -1.8 ZR-150

So can the platoon hold?  No, it looks like reinforcements will be needed.