Chicago Cubs: Will Anthony Iapoce bring in big-time star power?

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(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
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Back in the warm arms of launch angle data, the Chicago Cubs offense and hitting coach Anthony Iapoce could add some big-time power this winter.

Derived from his past philosophy and practice, new Chicago Cubs hitting coach Anthony Iapoce is a lot more like John Mallee than Chili Davis. His former stint with the team and his tutelage and friendship with the former Cubs and current Phillies hitting coach suggests Iapoce is more of a ‘three true outcomes’ kind of guy rather than a spray it all over the field fellow.

While there certainly are elements of both philosophies you’d like your team to be able to execute, regardless of personnel or talent, it certainly makes sense to tailor your coach to your team at hand. That, of course, includes any potential future additions.

Also, given the fact the front office clearly believes last year’s offensive performance won’t cut it, it seems as though Davis, or, at the very least, his message, didn’t take.

Enter Iapoce.

Here’s a guy who spent three years with the Cubs at the onset of the rebuild (2013 to 2015) and knows most of the young core the Cubs would like to see succeed in a big way in 2019. He also seems to mesh with the great majority of players (and the front office).

This mantra seemed to deviate a bit from the success of 2016 and 2017. Home runs were down and it seemed as if many of the players were sapped of their power, in general. Even Anthony Rizzo, the model of consistency the previous four years, experienced a bit of a power shortage and a huge slump to start the season that undoubtedly hampered much of the offense.