Chicago Cubs: Manny Machado is not the Cubs’ cup of tea

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Chicago Cubs: We know what we need to know now

That should be all we need to know about Machado.  Great player, great potential. Not so great attitude and work ethic. Probably not so great in the Cubs clubhouse or from the optics of the Wrigley Faithful. Probably not the guy you wanna sign for 10 years and $300 million.

Also, probably not the negative press or optics we need coming off a season in which we lost our starting shortstop to domestic abuse allegations and suspension.  We need to recapture the chemistry, clubhouse and magic that enabled us to break the curse in 2016, not start another dry spell.

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To use Manny’s own words, instead of taking their tea with Machado and sugar, perhaps the Cubs will decide they like their 2019 (and beyond) earl gray with cream and Harper. If we are going to sign one of these two megastars, it just might end up working out better in the clubhouse and for Joe Maddon‘s group in the long run if we take a wide berth around Manny Machado.