Chicago Cubs: Manny Machado is not the Cubs’ cup of tea

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Get ready for the winter of Harper and Manny

Why does any of that matter? Well, it’s germane because the great young megastar debate of 2018 is upon us.  Bryce Harper or Manny Machado? Both have had instances of questionable hustle. (Although, with Jonathan Papelbon serving as judge and jury in Washington, maybe Harper’s moment was a bit overblown)   Regardless, only one has come out and said he’s not going to be “Johnny Hustle.” That’s Manny Machado.

When asked about not running out a ball in the NLCS, Machado responded with the poignant statement that he’s “not going to be that Johnny Hustle kind of guy.” Alright, then.

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Well, Manny, you just lost yourself a boatload of money.

Will Machado still get paid? Of course, and handsomely.  But, I’d venture to guess that he lost himself a couple suitors and drove down his own price, discounting his own ability and potential. He also drove a wedge in between himself and his future teammates.

More importantly for all of us, he drove a proverbial wedge in between himself and  future fans, because nothing burns angry armchair quarterbacks more than guys not running to first base.

Nothing burns those “get off my porch” types and glory-day mongers more than someone actually coming out and admitting they don’t care about playing hard and they’re not about that life (and, it also usually annoys most of us who aren’t necessarily those types and just care about our team and its success).