Chicago Cubs: Manny Machado is not the Cubs’ cup of tea

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In the last week alone, superstar Manny Machado has come under fire for his actions and comments. This should serve as a warning to the Chicago Cubs.

Manny Machado has drawn near-limitless criticism recently for his questionable comments and play during the National League Championship Series.  No one doubts his ability, talent or potential in any way.

However, attitude and chemistry are most definitely factors in whether or not to sign someone to the kind of mega deal he will likely command this offseason as a free agent. Whether it’s fair or unfair, adding Machado to the Chicago Cubs clubhouse is no longer a viable option going forward.

Joe Maddon has one rule when you step on the field.  Respect 90. We all know this. We all like this. As a fanbase, we acknowledge this is a pretty good mentality when playing baseball.  It satisfies both purists and new-age baseball fans.  You’re getting paid millions of dollars – just run to first base. Nothing starts to separate a clubhouse like a guy giving a half-hearted effort on the field while other guys are busting their buns.