Chicago Cubs: Who’s complaining about the idea of a shortened season?

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Advancements making life better for everyone in the game

Technology has made the game quicker and etven easier for players today. Since 1961, Major League Baseball has had improved shoes, gloves, bats, uniforms, fields, dugouts and the list goes on. Every step forward in technology has meant more comfort and ease for ball players and a quicker game. MLB may just be on the verge of coddling these franchises, and still ‘they’ complain.

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Imagine giving Cubs broadcasters, players, coaches and management the shorter season they want. You’ve still got complaints. This time, the beer and hot dog vendors, Cubs souvenir shop owners, local restaurants and watering holes and most importantly, fans would be lining up for their pound of flesh. They don’t want a shortened season, they want more games!

I’m the last guy that wants to see players get hurt or injured and perhaps looking at conditioning as opposed to a shortened season is the conversation those with health concerns should have. There’s a lot more merit to that conversation than trying to shorten the Major League Baseball season. Not many people complain about trying to do things healthier.

I can’t help the folks with the hanger jobs like our broadcasters. We understand it must suck to travel and be on time and wait for delays and eat out at restaurants, being away from home and family…

I got it!

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Stop by the HR department and fill out a form with your concerns; now please get on with the game!