Chicago Cubs: Who’s complaining about the idea of a shortened season?

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Chicago Cubs
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Those in and around the Chicago Cubs have mentioned a shortened regular season this year. Should it be a sticking point moving forward?

Recently I was tuned into my favorite Chicago Cubs television program and felt like I was in a line at the complaint department.  Our favorite dee-jays of Cubs greatness were discussing the weather delay games, having to travel for makeup games and the long season. If you are a baseball player or make your living off the game by attending (like broadcasters) than saying that the season is too long, is not about baseball at all, it’s about going to work. Complaining that the season is too long sounds more like, “I don’t want to go to work and want more time off.”

Really?  Who doesn’t?

We all want to go home early or not come in some days. We want more days off. We want days off ‘with’ our family, and days off ‘for’ our family. We want maternity, paternity and any other baby days off. We want sick days, injury days, holidays and performance award days off. We want days off for weather, holidays and vacation. We are a society of “complainers” of the highest order but we really bring it to work when talking about time off. The Cubs have not been immune to this sentiment.