Chicago Cubs: Carl Edwards Jr. should not be on any postseason roster

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Chicago Cubs: Alien mind rays zap the Chicago Cubs

It’s like one of those alien rays you see in science fiction movies came down out of nowhere and zapped everyone’s mind. They can’t seem to tell the guy doesn’t belong here. I’m beginning to suspect that Edwards recent injury was really a hush-hush benching for inconsistent play.

Perhaps, the Cubs opted to keep him on the big league roster just to help Edwards save face. Anytime he starts throwing in the bullpen, I look at the score to see if there’s enough runs to cushion the blow he’ll inevitably serve up (or self-inflict). Lately, even a six-run lead isn’t enough cushion for me to feel even remotely comfortable.

The one person that has been most affected by the alien mind rays is manager Joe Maddon. I want to scream every time he coddles Edwards or makes excuses for him. Lately he has turned to justifying Edwards play.

"“I can’t even imagine doing well in October without him. So you gotta get the guy right,” Maddon said. “You don’t run away from that kind of talent.”"

Why Joe? Come on, you are a professional manager. Sometimes a guy just doesn’t have it; doesn’t have the goods to make it in the big leagues. You are not making any type of point, just exercising poor judgement when it comes to Edwards.