Chicago Cubs: What’s left for the cream of the crop in the NL Central?

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Chicago Cubs
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With two weeks left in the season and the National League Central still up for grabs, let’s check out what’s left for the potential postseason teams from the Cubs’ division.

While the Brewers and Cardinals have both had fine seasons so far, the Cubs currently hold a 3 1/2 game lead over the Brewers (5 1/2 over the Cards) in the National League Central heading into Sept. 19.

With only 11 more regular season Cubs games to play, let’s take a look at who the teams play down the stretch, how the schedule shakes out, and how the teams are faring at the moment.

We just recently saw the Brewers for a three game set at Wrigley last week.  They are, in Denny Green’s famous words, “who we thought they were.”  The Brew Crew is a team loaded with offensive firepower, a high-octane bullpen, and good starting pitching.

The one thing they seem to lack is a truly stellar defensive infield, as they’ve put together a hodgepodge group of hitters and offensive players (in much the same mold as a Daniel Murphy type for the Cubs) while sacrificing some infield defense.  That being said, they’ve got a really good outfield that seems to make up for that. Lorenzo Cain and Christian Yelich, especially, are both putting themselves in the MVP debate, having excellent offensive and defensive seasons.