Chicago Cubs will stay calm, cool in the eye of the storm this month

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Having trust in the skipper

Why is all of this possible, and even likely? Joe keeps things loose, and these guys don’t get tight.  They know that it’s about today’s game, every single day.  Don’t look ahead, don’t look behind. Need proof of their looseness and goofiness?

Check out Anthony Rizzo on the plane last night after a loss and in the middle of a return flight to Washington that has caused everyone consternation the past few days.  He’s wearing his jersey.  He’s ready to go. He’s being a goof. These guys all follow his lead, and if that picture is worth a 1000 words, you’re reading them: The Cubs are fine and they’re ready to go.  Hopefully, he’s wearing a dirty jersey on the plane ride back to Chicago tonight.

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These guys are really good baseball players and they’re a really good team.  Don’t be surprised if they remind you of this fact over the next 17 days. Cliffjumpers be damned.