Chicago Cubs: Injuries piling up at the wrong time in the season

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Chicago Cubs
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In late August, it appeared as if the Chicago Cubs may soon be nearing full strength. Instead, a new bevy of injuries has struck the roster this month.

Remember those days? Yu Darvish, Kris Bryant and Brandon Morrow were all on the disabled list at the time. But all three seemed to be making progress toward rejoining the Chicago Cubs in the near future. Then, Darvish was ruled out for the season. That seemed to be the turning point when the injury news went from positive to negative.

With the Cubs in a division race and the playoffs fast approaching, these injuries are pilling up at the worst time. A few of these injuries might prevent players from being available for the post season.

However, even the cases where the player has already returned to play for the Cubs, their injuries seem to be of a chronic nature. As the players continue to play through these injuries we have to question how much their ability is being impacted.