Chicago Cubs: El Mago’s magic indispensable to this franchise

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: An invaluable asset – wherever he plays

In short, Baez has come into his own and realized the potential and ceiling almost everyone believed or flat-out knew was there. He has cut down on his chasing of sliders out of the zone, he’s using the right side of the field, and hitting balls there with authority.

And, while he’s still not drawing a ton of walks or laying off all the bad pitches, he has been able to stay alive much more frequently by fouling off pitches and living to swing another day. He has also been in the lineup. He has been healthy and Joe has ridden him like he has ridden the other studs in his corral in previous seasons.

This season, he has become a stud. He has become the most indispensable guy on the field. He has become the most exciting and magical player in baseball, with highlights and outrageous plays most other players barely dream about. And even though El Mago might not win the NL MVP, he should, because he has been the best player in all facets of the game.

He has been the best player on the best team, and he has clearly become the most indispensable on his team. His wizardry hasn’t just been hitting or fielding, it has been how he has dragged an inconsistent albeit uber-talented group to the cusp of September in first place.

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Let’s just hope the magic show ends with a grand finale in late October where Javy materializes around the pitcher’s mound not with a rabbit or newt, but with a coveted gold trophy.