Chicago Cubs: Talking Cincinnati Reds as the clubs do battle this weekend

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Chicago Cubs: The ‘Lovable Losers’ have become the ‘Arrogant Winners’

Now here’s somewhere Koch and I can agree. A very large number of Cubs fans have become arrogant and a bit conceded since the team’s 2016 World Series title. Never mind the fact the team will likely win 90 games for the fourth-straight year.

Forget they control their own fate as they chase a third consecutive NL Central crown and fourth NLCS appearance in four years. We want more – always. And it’s getting old.

"Since winning the World Series two years ago, I think the Cubs and their fans have been a bit arrogant. But who can blame them? With all the suffering that the Cubs franchise endured over the years, I think it’s okay to have some excessive pride about the team they’ve built in Chicago."

Well, that’s about as understanding as I’ve ever seen someone – but that makes sense. We’re not talking to a Cardinals site. (For the record, Reds fans are awesome. I spent a day at the Great American Ballpark earlier this year rooting against St. Louis and everyone was awesome. But, then again, maybe that’s because I jeered Cards’ players…)

Could baseball’s sweetheart team (because let’s be real, that’s what they were two years ago) go dark? It’s more likely than you might think.

"I think the Cubs and their fans need to be mindful, however, of becoming like the Golden State Warriors of the NBA. When Golden State first burst onto the scene, they were the darlings of the league. Now, they’ve become public enemy number one. I fear the same thing could occur in Chicago, especially if the Cubbies acquire Bryce Harper this offseason."

You know what? Haters gonna hate. Bring them on.