Chicago Cubs: Theo Epstein whiffed last winter – and it might not matter

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Chicago Cubs
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In a rare miss, Theo Epstein whiffed last offseason in signing Tyler Chatwood and Yu Darvish. Still, if the Chicago Cubs overcome, it might not matter.

Unmitigated disaster.

Normally, when I look at the Chicago Cubs through the lens of either a writer or fan, I try to keep at least some semblance of optimism. But when it comes to Tyler Chatwood and Yu Darvish, we’re at the point where that’s no longer possible.

Despite a demotion to the bullpen in late July, Chatwood leads all Major League pitchers with a staggering 93 walks (at a rate of 8.2 per nine, in case you’re wondering). He had a second chance last weekend and dropped the ball – all but guaranteeing the Cubs hole him up somewhere once rosters expand in September.

As for Darvish, he looking dominant in the first inning on Sunday, even touching 95 MPH on the gun with a heater. But, while warming up before the second inning, he signaled for the trainer and, soon after, requested an MRI. In other words, put a bow on year one of his six-year deal.

But here’s the thing. As bad as both of these players have been, the Cubs somehow hold the best record in the National League. If this team pulls a rabbit out of its hat and somehow reaches its second Fall Classic in the last three years, will anyone care about Epstein’s swing-and-miss offseason performance?